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We highly recommend regular servicing and maintenance of your caravan or trailer to ensure ongoing safety, maintenance and holding re-sell value if you're ever wishing to sell your van or trailer.
We have a lot to offer and with our large workshop we have the space and facilities to ensure your caravan is more than ready for it's next trip. Our highly skilled and experienced staff are ready to assist you in becoming road ready.
We recommend servicing your new van at 1,000km. Annual services should be completed every 12months or 10,000km - which ever comes first. Our Team will undertake a comprehensive 40 point check of your van during it's service. Don't forget your service book - so we can stamp it! 
Servicing Guide
Single Axle - First Service (1000 km) 
Single Axle - Annual Service (10,000km or 12months) 
Tandem Axle - First Service (1000km) 
Tandem Axle - Annual Service (10,000km or 12months) 
(all prices are GST inclusive)
We are also happy to tailor a servicing package specific to your needs which can include detailing your Caravan or trailer - just call us to chat about how we can assist you!
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